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October 24 2016

*La cucaROACHa club...

there ...fixed it for you. ;)

October 19 2016

Es sind die kleine Dinge...
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October 18 2016

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And when you make it to your bedroom, 
Do you collapse on your bed right away?
Or do you lay and think about how fucking lonely you've become?
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October 17 2016

People grow when they are loved well. If you want to help others heal, love them without an agenda.
— Mike McHargue (via Transcend)
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October 15 2016

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I've never felt so enlightened
With every page I turn
I only find myself feeling more alone

My very thoughts a curse
They just seem to multiply
Forever in my mind
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..immer allein, hin und her, wie die Wellen, wie die Grashalme da im Wind, hin und her, immer hin und her wie die Wellen, ganz allein, wie die Wellen...
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October 13 2016

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October 12 2016

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Da es ja schon kalt draußen wird, eine kleine Einstimmung :)
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October 09 2016

Pixar's new short: Piper. So freaking adorable.
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